Weather the weather on the reef

16th May 2014

Great Barrier Reef Adventure

As winter starts to set in over most of the country, especially in the south, travellers are looking to counteract the dropping temperatures with sunny days, blue skies and warmer climes. However with many people also feeling the freeze on their budgets, holiday makers are looking for a cheaper option and are therefore focused on domestic holiday rather than expensive overseas destinations.

The Great Barrier Reef offers just such an affordable option and with its warm climate year round, it's the perfect place to weather the cooler winter weather with north Queensland's characteristic warmth and sunshine. Great Barrier Reef weather is known for its little variances in seasons. In fact, the region really only experiences 2 distinct seasons, summer and winter. However the winter weather on the Great Barrier Reef is far from the cold and dreary weather of the southern states.

Difficult to beat, Great Barrier Reef weather boasts sparkling sunshine, refreshing ocean breezes and pleasantly warm seas all year. The dry season is also the region's so called winter period however it is characterised by low rainfall and warmer temperatures. Summer, on the other hand, is known as the wet season and receives high levels of rainfall accompanied by balmy temperatures.

Winter on the Great Barrier Reef runs from May to October and offers little humidity, fresh breezes and lots of sunshine. Summer occurs from November to April and rejuvenates the region with regular tropical downpours generally later in the day as well as the occasional electrical storm.

Although the Great Barrier Reef is a fantastic place to visit year round, winter is a wonderful time to escape to the warmer climes and more pleasant conditions. The best swimming season is also in winter, with sea temperatures averaging around a very comfortable and mild 23 degrees Celsius. So swap your coats and scarves for a swimming cossie and a snorkel and enjoy the sunshine and warmth of the Great Barrier Reef in winter.

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