Two Less Fish In The Sea: Underwater Great Barrier Reef Proposal

4th July 2018


On the Great Barrier Reef this week, a Perth couple has proven just how deep their love runs when tradesman Lawrence Tufnel proposed to his girlfriend of six years, Jasmine Robertson.

On the ledge of a steel platform 3.5 metres underwater, Tufnel got down on one knee as hundreds of tropical marine-life swirled around them in a dizzying wash of colour.

When asked how he conjured the unique idea, Tufnel explained how diving had played a significant role across their relationship.

“The idea of doing it underwater came when I was thinking of ways to propose. It’s unique and definitely unforgettable,” he said.

“We had done a lot of diving in the past, so when the idea came to me I knew it would be something special”.

Sharing the concept with Sunlover Reef Cruises prior to the dive, head diver Simon Garwood volunteered to help out.

As Tufnel dropped to his knee, Garwood passed him the ring (securely attached to a piece of string) and held up a sign which read, ‘Jasmine Robertson will you marry me?’.

Tufnel indicated that Jasmine could respond with a thumbs up or thumbs down.

“Jasmine had no idea what was going on. I just told her we were going underwater to see the reef, so she didn’t know about all the planning behind the scenes,” said Tufnel.

“It was hard not being able to give her a kiss, but we had to wait to get back upstairs of course.”

Above water, the newly betrothed were met with champagne and roses. Of the experience, Tufnel said that it was “a very special place for a very special person in my life”.

Ms Robertson admitted that “the whole day was a blur, but it was awesome. I was too shocked to know what to do with myself”.