David Attenborough Delves to New Depths

13th April 2016

Great Barrier Reef

World-famous natural history broadcaster Sir David Attenborough first visited the Great Barrier Reef back in 1957. Now, sixty years on, much has changed and he returns to the reef at a time when it is under serious threat. Since his first visit, the reef has lost nearly half of its coral and, true to form, Attenborough is determined to find out how it can be saved.

In what is likely to be his last 'on the road' documentary, David Attenborough's ground-breaking Great Barrier Reef is an ambitious exploration of what the man himself describes as his favourite place in the natural world. Diving deeper than anyone has before, the naturalist has set out to better understand this unique natural wonder. The three-part series will air on the ABC and might just be Attenborough's coolest moment yet, which is a pretty big call given his illustrious career.

Plunging straight in, Sir David has returned with the latest technology, negotiating the ultimate view of the reef with everything from satellite scanners to 3D underwater cameras. However, perhaps the most impressive piece of kit in this arsenal is a Triton submersible known as Nadir. Allowing him to descend deeper than anyone has ever been on the Great Barrier Reef, the one-of-a-kind submersible has made for incredible viewing.

If you'd like to follow in the footsteps of Sir David Attenborough and view the wonders of the deep from your own submersible, there are plenty of opportunities with Great Barrier Reef tours. From diving to glass-bottom boats and everything in between, you may not get quite as deep as Sir David but you will experience this incredible natural wonder up-close-and-personal like never before.

Attenborough's reef documentary has inspired many tourists to seek a trip to Tropical North Queensland and see the reef for themselves. A surge in international tourism in particular has local businesses excited. UK holidaymakers in particular have seen an increase after the three part series was first screened there earlier in the year, suggesting the documentary will have a flow on effect when shown to Australian audiences.

Great Barrier Reef Coral