Australian Model Jarrod Scott Announces Project to Help Save the Reef

26th April 2018

Great Barrier Reef Adventure

Between the covers of the May issue of GQ Australia, Australian model and soon-to-be actor Jarrod Scott announced the upcoming launch of his new passion project set to help save the Great Barrier Reef.

From his home in New York City, Scott expressed his long-term affinity with the reef and the wildlife that calls it home.

“It’s definitely something I’m passionate about. I have my corals and a fish tank here in New York. I get a bit obsessed over the corals. They’re one of the most amazing things to watch and I could spend all my life there. I could waste so much time just watching the ocean go by,” Scott said.

While the specific details of the project are still under wraps, the rising model indicated that the new ambassadorship is something he takes very seriously as he hopes to make a considerable impact in the Queensland region.

“There’s been a lot of planning and a lot of work on my Reef project and it’s finally good to be able to actually show everyone and start making a difference.

I went up in January and it was pretty much one of the first things I did for the year,” he said.

The model will be returning to Australia several times over the course of 2018 as he works on getting the new project up and running, indicating that more details will be released soon.

Jarrod Scott joins a host of other prominent public figures in calling for greater Reef protections. Among them former President Barack Obama and renowned naturalist Sir David Attenborough have put their weight behind the cause, including airing a half-hour televised interview in 2015 where the Great Barrier Reef was discussed in great length.

In the interview, Attenborough remarked on the importance of providing for the welfare of our planet.

“What is required is an understanding and a gut feeling that you understand the natural world is part of your inheritance. This is the planet on which we live, and it’s the only one we’ve got”, he said.